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Polling - Questions, nothing but questions

Do they like me? Do they respect me? What issues are they thinking about? Do they really care about my platform? Are they listening? Who’s my chief opposition and how strong are they with consistent voters?

A reliable and accurate public opinion poll can give you the answers to these questions and more. A good political poll is essential for successful campaign strategic planning, for it can reveal voter concerns, expectations and perceptions. Polling results highlight what to stress and repeat and, just as important, what to avoid. For the campaign, a quality survey reveals personal strengths and weaknesses of both its candidate and its opposition.

Speaking of opposition – opposition research should be a part of an effective campaign strategy early in the game. Opposition research has come to mean more than searching for negative in the opponent’s record, business, or personal life. It means applying the same research task to your own candidate and researching the key issues in your constituency.

When voters begin to focus, that’s when campaigns really need to communicate. 45 to 50 percent of all voters in high-ballot contests make up their minds at the 11th hour – about 5 weeks before Election Day. And while having polling data available from the early stages puts you ahead of the class, it is imperative to place the pollster at the center of campaign functions during this voter decision-making time. The pollster is key to your campaign.

One key function of the polling firm during this period is to define the persuadable or undecided voters in order to pinpoint final targets for the campaign. Polls can tell you in which direction the undecided are leaning – toward you or toward your opposition, and they can tell you why. Are you gaining with seniors because of your senior health care plan? Are you losing college students because you’ve failed to articulate your plan to upgrade state-run universities? It is important to know details about the groups a candidate should target. Are those undecideds primarily white males over 55 with an income under $50,000; or are they 20-something black women with college degrees just entering the workforce. Or are they both?

These smaller groups often respond to different messages, live in different parts of town and watch different news programs and TV shows. Using this increased precision in targeting research greatly improves direct mail and social media strategies, broadcast buys and radio segmentation.

Once you have targeted your audience, it’s time to get the word out. Every modern campaign demands that the pollster provide major input to another critical question: What is the most persuasive message for this campaign? The pollster can best interpret the opinion research data and has the most varied experience in helping campaigns determine the strategic imperatives for a campaign. This is where experience becomes paramount – without it, campaigns often find themselves in a state of "Analysis Paralysis."

Our seasoned team of polling professionals crafts the questions, finds the answers, and recommends ways to communicate your message to get the maximum impact. We conduct and interpret polls and develop ways to deliver your message to persuadable voters to convince them that you are the best person to represent their interests. Herb Smith has decades of experience in developing polls, analyzing the results and recommending the best ways to communicate your saleable message to the listening electorate.

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