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Lotte Weaver  

Lotte Weaver specializes in organizational, process and people development, and the communications required to successfully implement understanding and change. She offers a unique approach to complex collaborative initiatives that has been shaped by interdisciplinary education and experience in both communication and psychology. Combining the psychological principles of human thinking, emotion, and behaviors, with effective interpersonal and intercultural communication skills, she brings unparalleled insight and skill to helping clients identify, research, plan, and achieve their strategic goals.

Her ability to read situations and people, coupled with real-world management, consulting, and training experience has been invaluable to clients such as Deloitte & Touche, and world-leading manufacturer BrĂ¼el & Kjaer Sound &Vibration Measurement, where she improved vulnerable processes among a group of international subsidiaries, each with diverse sensitivities, and ultimately boosted related profitability. Lotte proposes, manages and implements workable solutions that are accepted and acted on by stakeholders, ensuring that clients realize the greatest long-term value from their efforts. Having worked successfully in different countries, developing an understanding of the distinctive culture, language and organizational practices of each, she offers a wealth of insight and experience to any client that is changing and evolving both nationally and globally.
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