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Direct Mail - One important element of voter contact

Alice: What do I want to say?
Mad-Hatter: That depends on who you’re talking to.
Alice: Who am I talking to?
Mad-Hatter: That all depends on who’s listening.
Alice: Who’s listening?
Rabbit: What time is it?
          --Paraphrased from Through the Looking-Glass, Lewis Carroll, 1872

What time is it? Is it early in the campaign or in the last weeks? What you say depends on who’s listening and what selected voters want to hear when they are listening. Not everyone is listening to what you want to say when you want to say it. Good direct mail conveys what you want to say to the right people who are listening.

Direct mail works in concert with all other forms of campaign communication - television, radio, Internet, signage, pamphlets, phone banking and Election Day ballots. They should all say the same thing at the same time. Each communications method should be coordinated with every other voter contact vehicle. Most mail is delivered to potential voters in the final weeks of the campaign because that is when undecided voters are listening to your messages. Unlike Alice, you know what you want to say - or at least you should. You have a platform and a set of core beliefs. To have a chance to be in the winner’s circle, all campaign communication should work together to convey your messages to the right voters when they are making up their minds.

'I want to encourage young people to support my plan for redesigning the state’s retirement system.' Are young people listening? Do they care? Will they favorably respond when they hear your message? Your perspective says they should care. The reality says most will not.

What is your message? Who is listening? Will your message resonate with all or some voters? How do you identify persuadable voters with a message that will convince them to vote for you? That is what we do. We get the registered voter list. We segment it into voting groups. We evaluate the polling data and then we craft the message. We design the mail vehicle and deliver it when the voters are listening.

We build lists of voters, identify them by a profile and set a strategy for communicating to them. We then implement that strategy and we make mid-course corrections when the environment changes.

Consistent voters, principally seniors and homeowners, receive an average of about five pounds of mail a week! We figure your mail piece has about 3 seconds—at most—to survive the sorting process and avoid the trash can. So direct mail first has to grab attention. If you survive the first sorting, the piece has to resonate and say something memorable. We do memorable pieces. Nobody reads through lines of resume copy but they do want to know something about you. There is a way to tell your story. Let us do it for you.

Call us and we’ll put together a direct mail program that wins. And yes, we can put together great pieces that will survive the trashcan sorting process.
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