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Business Consulting Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, Washington DC area Mid-Atlantic region Baltimore, Washington DC, Annapolis Metro area, Annapolis The Minor Group Inc Business Support, Business Management, Business Development Human Resources, Political Campaign, Public Relations Project Management, Quality Management, Database Management, Corporate Writing, Public Opinion, Marketing, Human Resources The Minor Group Inc, Annapolis, MD


  Getting the Right Message Out
  Winning Votes
  Building Constituencies
  Gaining Market Share

Organizational Development

  Creating Structure
  Ensuring Quality & Accountability
  Leveraging Employee Talent
  Maximizing Technology Value


Gaining Market Share   

Marketing, Sales and Customer Relations

Market and Competitive Landscape Research
Product/Service Research and Development
Organization, Initiative, and Product Positioning
Marketing Strategy Development
Marketing Materials and Sales Tools Development
Graphic Design and Corporate Writing
Domestic and International Channel Distribution Development and Co-Marketing
Merchandising Strategy Development
Sales Skills Training
Customer Support Strategy and Skills Development
External Focus Group Facilitation and Analysis
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